Exclusive insights from Stalwarts across our 13 Business Committees with a total of 1186 HCMs across 15 Chapters. Geared specifically for time-starved leaders and their day-to-day business needs, DLC Business ensures our members stay ahead of the curve.
13 - Committees, 15 - Cities, 1242 - Honorary Members..

Leadership & Transformation

In this day and age of digital noise on leadership, this committee shall be making every endeavor to get the latest and most filtered Leadership knowledge from the world with a single objective to keep our members ahead of the curve. The DLC Leadership & Transformation Committee seeks to help existing and new leaders be more effective in taking management decisions to make their organizations future-fit in a fast-changing, dynamic environment. Amalgamating social impact or stakeholder thinking (as against shareholder thinking) into leadership styles will be another key underlying focus of the Leadership Committee.

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The DLC Business Committee for Banking and Financial services is created with a mission to provide real-world, useful, unbiased, and curated material to financial services industry to all the members, including those in banking, insurance, investing, consulting, and family offices, to assist them re-invent the BFSI segment one step at a time. The committee aims to guide members to derive the best out of the financial ecosystem, find hidden answers to everyday management level questions, all while being aware of ongoing and upcoming trends in the sector.

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Marketing, Digital & PR

We are in an era of digitalisation where traditional mode of marketing has taken a 360-degree revolutionary turn. Understanding marketing has become a task of achievement and with DLC on board, our members get to dive into a pool of knowledge provided by subject matter experts across brand management, marketing strategy, Digital Marketing as well as PR. All such innovation can be understood and learnt extensively from the industry best and applied in real time. We provide cutting-edge knowledge of the trending topics and most authentic Top 10 lists that helps the members to stay ahead of the curve.

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The DLC Technology Committee aims to bring one collaborative business knowledge based platform a gamut of technology path breakers who, through years of successful experience, have brought about a significant difference to the way their business functions with its main purpose is to bring cutting-edge technology insights and novel perspectives to World-critical discussions to keep our members ahead of the curve. Both Digital and Tech are no longer just feel-good buzz of words for a business with global ambitions. Living in the era of a planet pandemic has, in fact both digital and technology-based communication and process development a businesse's foremost assets. It then becomes our singular aim and responsibility to help you and your business reap the rich experience of the very best in the business and its professionals including creating a platform to evaluate young creative talent, showcasing some of the best case studies, understanding of performance matrix and evaluation tools and so on.

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The ESG Committee aims to deliver dedicated business knowledge, policies and their impact across Environment, Social and Governance. Through DLC, our members can incorporate ESG with cutting edge knowledge-based investment decision/s. The Committee serves the purpose to project the potential for growth in an organization, analyzing the benefits when assessing both the societal impact and the sustainability of an investment, thus leading to a more holistic ESG integration that lowers the investment risks for a sustainable future.

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The SCM Committee will enable members to navigate the logistics challenges by sharing knowledge of regulations, best practices, timelines, obstacles, and solutions and by getting global experts to share global and regional perspectives, emerging developments, and best practices. The Committee will also focus on social impact ways to ensure minimum disruption of regional and local supply chains.

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DLC brings together most experienced HR Leaders, Consultants & Trainers to provide curated content centred on HR business trends to help DLC members meet organizational challenges and to gain access to key tools and resources that supports our members day-to-day business as we continue to make better workplaces for a better world. We aim to build and foster a diverse & inclusive community that connects towards driving organizational performance.

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Strategy & Execution

Our purpose as a committee is to transform the ideas and perspectives of the leaders of tomorrow by providing insights into the achievements possible through excellent business strategy and execution. In today’s complex and turbulent environment where change is a constant, businesses need to be nimble and responsive. Good strategy still requires deliberation and direction, but execution needs to be responsive and adaptive to achieve the desired outcomes. Our domain experts in the Strategy & Execution Committee will inspire the leaders of tomorrow with winning business strategies, provoke them to discover new business strategies, and through original content help them identify new ways to execute on those strategies, while creating effective global social impact. Our members will have access to knowledge in this critical domain through our various patented IPs, domain-related trending top 10s, subject-related workshops and DLC Global Summits.

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Innovation & Design Thinking

The DLC Global Innovation & Design Thinking committee endeavors to keep an organization future fit. We believe this can be achieved by applying the innovation process of which Design Thinking is an important cog. The content generated aims to expose leaders to relevant, ready to apply examples of the various processes in practice across a plethora of domains and industries. We aim to demystify ‘Design Thinking’ and create an ecosystem which helps our members inculcate a culture of process-oriented development and decision making across within their organizations.

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CSR & Philanthropy

The core purpose of CSR & Philanthropy Committee is to promote ‘Art of Giving’ and create original content primordial for organisations, family offices and individuals to stay ahead of the curve. We will empaneled CSR Consultants who will be available to guide our members effectively and provide ready to use tricks of the trade. DLC will also empanel filtered NGOs and Foundations so that our members can have a choice of their Philanthropy pursuits. In the pursuit of being future ready, the committee not only have its own content dissemination calendar but will maintain its ‘Top 10s’ as part of trend mapping as well as participate in thought leadership platforms including its own global events.

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Our Global Happiness Committee is made up of some of the world's most well- known Happiness Evangelists’ who will instil a culture of happiness through their unique and inspiring case studies. They will assist our members in achieving a better work-life balance by providing content that emphasises the value of Emotional Intelligence and Health Awareness, which will result in increased productivity and a happier life.

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Security & Cyber Security

The DLC Business Committee for Security & Cyber Security aims to deliver in-depth knowledge in security domains of Enterprise Security, Privacy, Cyber Crime, Law Enforcement as well as Physical & Environmental Security. The collective wisdom of the committee can help to identify the potential cyber risks and consequences of neglect, keeping members stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge knowledge of defensive measures and sound implementation to protect businesses against various security threats.

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The world’s finest lifestyle experts come together to curate exclusive lifestyle knowledge. This committee of 860 Experts across 15 Chapters globally enable our members to get access to the choicest experiences from luxe and iconic brands.
13 - Committees, 15 - Cities, 927 - Honorary Members

Hospitality & Travel

The committee aims to highlight next-gen hospitality and experiential travel by providing cutting edge, filtered knowledge through best of Hoteliers, Michelin star Chefs, Spas and never before insights from around the globe. With an aim to achieve sustainability through latest technology and best practices adopted by experts from the Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Industry. The committee, through its members, shall thrive to secure livelihoods across the globe by creating employment opportunities, preserving local culinary culture and boosting tourism.

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We as a Fashion & Styling committee at DLC are getting on board some of the best names from the industry to expose our members with the latest in global design with a view to keep them ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge of the fashion world. We will be producing ready to use filtered content provided by the industry stalwarts on the latest trends, launches, upcoming events and collaborate with the best to get exclusive offers for DLC members only, which will not be available to anyone else. We at DLC are strong believers of being socially responsible and we take pride in collaborating with brands who believe in sustainable/ethical fashion. Our platform will encourage not only brands but also individual consumers to come forward in support of responsible fashion which is the key to sustainability.

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Beauty, Skin & Fragrance

The Beauty, Skin & Fragrance Committee will invite experts to guide members on ways to take care of their overall personality including healthy habits and safe skincare regimes. The Committee will create awareness about unethical and ecology damaging manufacturing practices and direct members to using environmentally-safe as well as naturally nourishing products, including home remedies, without compromising the grooming ritual.

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Health & Wellness

The committee promotes physical and mental well-being to enable members to function at their optimum level. The Committee will share relevant content curated by reputed Dieticians, Nutritionists, Trainers, Mental Health experts and Doctors. DLC aims to encourage healthy habits among its member's through a roll out of a Content calendar and Collaborations, followed by an Annual Summit on Health and Wellness.

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Wines, Spirits & Cigars

Aimed to bring the most holistic and credible knowledge on Wines, Spirits, and Cigars, through master sommeliers, producers, writers, specialists, professional bartenders, and masters of cigars. The Committee will constantly work towards enhancing the experience of members through close collaborations with the finest brands and agencies with bespoke offerings, in every chapter city.

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The global design committee bring together experts in the fields of Architecture and Interior Design to provide original, exclusive, curated knowledge that will bring valuable insights and guidance they require while building or restructuring their homes and offices. The content will focus on providing design-related products, services, and curated experiences that are currently trending or have the potential to be "the next big thing" in the universe of passion-driven lifestyles.

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Visual Arts

DLC Global Visual Arts Committee will be catalytic for understanding the nuances of this vital lifestyle element. Our domain experts will keep the community abreast of developments and events in this vast, evolving space for learning and pleasure. Distinguished artists, gallerists, curators, connoisseurs, educationists and art critics will share relevant knowledge, inaccessible otherwise, leading to appreciation and consumption of Art. Members can indulge in curated offerings, events, exhibitions and a host of live and digitally formatted exclusives. The Committee will encourage greater democratisation of the Visual Arts.

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Media & Entertainment

The Media & Entertainment Committee takes pride in bringing entrepreneurs and professionals from across the globe who are successful and passionate individuals in the domain. They discuss, share, and educate members about the growing power of media using conscious and righteous channels to communicate across the digital media and entertainment world. Some of the renowned experts like media advertisers, famous sports personalities, publishers, and theatre artist are part of our team and hence will act as vast knowledge providers.

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Real Estate

The Real Estate Committee comprising of engineers, architects, builders and interior designers will apprise members of the best practices and emerging developments in the industry, including in purchase & rental, designing work-spaces for new paradigms and investing. This year, the Committee will look at the impact of the hybrid model of working on residential and corporate real estate, and how industry and participants alike can benefit. The Committee will seek to promote the use of ecological construction practices and materials, and the benefits of standards like LEED certification.

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Automobiles & Charters

Cars and Bikes: This committee will help the members keep abreast of the latest happenings in the world of Cars & Bikes. Enhancing the buying experience for our members across the globe, by collaborating with the Dealers of Premium Brands. To curate and establish the very best of agencies in the business, for the care and service of member’s vehicles, detailing and accessorizing. Promote E vehicles for the Ecological and Environmental impact on the planet. Charters: Connecting with Marine Yacht Charter Services from Sail Boats to Luxury Yachts. Connecting with Air Charter services across the Globe, like Business Jets and Helicopter service charters. Companies offering flights, mainly between smaller airfields apart from the main airports of the chapter cities.

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To provide DLC members with the cutting edge knowledge on Event Management and updates on the most extravagant events, social gathering and brand experiences happening around the world aligning members with their domain of interest and meet their expectations. To provide opportunities for our members to learn from our HCMs who are pioneers and experts in the event space.

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The Décor committee will update Members on outstanding Décor options and trends across home and corporate spaces. They will present objects of desire, elements and statement pieces that define spaces and facets across Living, Dining and Giving. Their knowledge sharing will carry a sustainable ethos in its narrative. Leading luxury stores and reputed consultants will be instrumental in providing fine aesthetic member exclusives. This will be presented in digital, live formats and curated, exclusive Brand Collaborations.

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Men and women of eminence from diverse backgrounds and cultures who are experts in their domain come together on the DLC platform to impart exclusive management knowledge and tricks-of-the trade to our members—Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Young Leaders, through the DLC Masterclass. Learn from their failures, successes and life experiences and apply that to your own lifestyle and business. Each DLC Masterclass aims to decodes a specific domain rather than focus on a specific topic. The content is spread over multiple sessions giving business and lifestyle knowledge for day-to-day decision making.

DLC Talks are impactful and inspirational, with a primary aim of introducing and urging professionals to think about day-to-day business and lifestyle hurdles dierently. Thus, our HCMs will share their business experiences, learnings, failures, and achievements in these sessions that will inspire Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Young leaders who seek motivation and inspiration from thought leaders and domain experts.

DLC podcasts are designed to learn new growth tactics for various businesses, improve management skills and get inspired by subject matter experts. Big- or small-time podcasts to hear the HCM, learn how to meditate or dive in to complex topics like self-compassion, knowledge of the trade and exclusive experience of an HCM’s Lives. Unique and exclusive nuggets of business or lifestyle knowledge shared by the HCM available for all the members exclusive on DLC Platform

DLC panel discussion engages industry thought leaders and subject matter experts in dialogue regarding relevant topics trending in their domain. Each committee panellist will typically focuses on solving problems & creative thinking. Also, to help understand the challenges each domain face and suggestions from each the expert on their take on the subject for the audience to learn from and be educated by.

A dialogue is always necessary for a wholesome learning experience. Hence, our Firesides Chats will include a discussion between 2-3 domain experts engaging in new ideas for the consumption of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Young Leaders. Fireside Chats aims to focus on learning how to apply day-today business knowledge in decision making and how to face modern day challenges in their business and lives.

The DLC Livefeed involves shadowing a global domain expert and covering their daily business activities, lifestyle choices, in the form of a live Interview. This live interview will be intriguing while imparting exclusive knowledge about business and lifestyle decisions through daily activities of the domain expert. These interviews bring the most captivating inspiring leadership stories that are rooted in true compassion and narrations of facing adversity. The story of a leader will focus on how to they make time for themselves, which allows them to think and meditate to de-stress their body and mind. A deep dive into the #Metime and DLC will feature individuals with immense aspirational value.

Inspire and explore the hidden lessons behind our domain experts’ personal stories. DLC Members story aims to deep dive into their shortcuts, failures and wins that have helped them evolve their ideas to execution and build their own brands from the ground up. Stories that highlights either their personal journey or their key achievement.While the member stories are HCM Centric, they will have learning or takeaway for our DLC Community.

DLC Blogs is a destination for our esteemed HCMs and members to share their thoughts and experiences, unique information and their perspectives on a particular topic. These blogs are an interesting narrative by our HCMs and members that would be informative while also inspire others to make informed life and business decisions.

DLC Workshops great way to teach hands-on skills that gives learners an opportunity to try out new methods and fail in a safe environment. HCM who are subject matter expert in their respective domain to conduct these insightful and creatively designed workshops. Introduces a new idea, inspire participants to further explore & promote actual process practice in their respective businesses. TheseWorkshops are designed to teach DLC members about new technologies, new ways of reaching their goals and new concepts. Also to address common problems or issues that business professionals may face on a regular basis.

Candid conversations with our DLC Honorary Commiittee Members from all over the world. Get to know what’s trending from the experts themselves. DLC aims to interview industry stalwards and share their experience exclusively for our members.

DLC Podcast

Top 10 Listing

This is going to be an incredible offering by DLC that comes pre-loaded with credibility and authenticity. At DLC we realise that our community of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Young Leaders need and deserve to know about the best products, services and experience that are available out there in a clear, concise manner. The most efficient way to do this is to tap into their own Knowledge and Experience, compile and share it as a Top 10 list