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Tao Art Gallery is a Visual Art Gallery located in Worli, South Mumbai and exhibits the works of celebrated artists from across the country.

Curated offers for DLC Members

Tao Art GalleryMumbai

Established in the year 2000, Tao has developed into a well-recognized brand in the Mumbai art space. Guided by connoisseur and self-taught artist, Kalpana Shah, it has seen the art market in all its highs and lows. From the days when the gallery’s walls were resplendent with the works of Indian Masters like Hussain, Raza, and Tyeb Mehta in the early 2000’s, to recovery after the financial crisis with a new younger crop of artists, Tao has experienced many waves of change. In its 20-year history, Tao has curated uniquely conceptualized shows highlighting diverse art forms like painting, photography, sculpture, video, performance as well as installation arts in its two exhibition galleries. The Gallery is very open-minded towards any creative expression and emphasizes on the powerful and innovative presentation of artistic ability, building a thought provoking experience for all its viewers and inviting dialogue on culture, aesthetics and the tradition of visual arts. Tao has also been actively involved in publishing various art books and organizing art education workshops, interactive sessions with artists and other knowledge-based lectures that aim to propagate love for art, and boost the presence of Indian Art in the global arena. Tao’s macro-vision sees art not in isolation, but as having a cohesive relationship with life itself.

1.Curated  Studio Visits of Tao Artists for DLC members.

2.Private viewing- Curated capsule collection for DLC members on a particular theme.

3. Wine tasting workshop at Tao Art Gallery for DLC Members.

4.Art x Music- Invitations to live performances and events at the gallery accompanied with wine & art viewing.

5. Access to Artist talks on their process of creation at the gallery and secondary locations.

6. Exclusive walkthroughs by artist/curator on select exhibits.