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Style Doctors is made up of an award winning team of Style Consultants. Founded in 2004 Style Doctors employs an experienced team of Personal Stylists, Personal Shoppers and Make-up Artists and have a highly skilled team of style experts across the UK, UAE and the USA. Style experiences for men, women, groups and teenagers. Having styled over 13,000 people, the company offers a range of services from Wardrobe Edits, to Personal Shopping Experiences, to Full Makeovers for all ages, shapes and sizes.

Curated offers for DLC Members

Style DoctorsNew York

Since 2004, Style Doctors has been the number one personal styling and shopping agency of choice for customers around the world. Offering styling services for men and women in the UK, USA and the UAE, the company works with individuals and companies on all aspects of personal style. We are  are  more than just Personal Stylists; we are a group of individuals with a shared goal of excellence, with customer service and integrity underpinning all we do. Thanks to a strong pool of talented people, we have evolved to become the UK’s premier Style Consultancy employing a highly skilled team of Personal Stylists, Editorial Stylists, Make-up Artists and Personal Shoppers all over the UK.

Exclusive designed Corporate packages for DLC members 

 • Team-building days – Dress for Success, Personal Branding, Corporate Style, Style Seminars

• Media Styling – Creative direction for your social media content, styling for videos and public appearances, modernizing your public image

• Training for retailers – up-skill your workforce to become your best asset

• Large scale styling events – catwalk shows, presentations, launches

• Corporate Style Guide – an essential style guide to share with your corporation to ensure unity across your entire workforce


Black Label Styling – Luxury Personal Stylist 


  • Whether you’re in Dubai, London or New York, Style Doctors have a team of stylists ready to make your brief a reality. Whether you’re looking for a black tie outfit, a travel wardrobe or an entire new look, Style Doctors can curate and source the ultimate luxury pieces from fine jewellery to catwalk creations. With a global team of stylists with access to the latest pieces, no task is too big. Enjoy this premium service in London, Dubai and New York at one of our style lounges.

 Structures discount rates on packages 

  • As a DLC member, Style Doctors will offer 15% off all styling services (over 2 hours).


  •  Style Doctors can  create a concept store for any DLC Members brand  and can help showcase your brand to a wider audience. 
  • Whether a member has  a small brand and wants to take the next steps in terms of marketing or a large brand that needs some assistance with styling related projects, Style Doctors can help.