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Visual Arts


Art Experiences Global

We believe that people deserve to know the truest depths of themselves. The Soul Company’s craft lies in creating journeys that compel self-transformation: be it a re-look at something small you’ve always taken for granted, or a big shift that reminds you that there’s no shame in basically, starting over.Whether it’s just for one evening or for a week, we exist so that you can embark on a journey you never knew was possible: this could be an expert-guided expedition journey in to the thickest jungles of India, or a personal exploration of a top chef’s world. Regardless of where you go - to a neighbourhood next door or to a town you barely knew existed - you’ll come back refreshed, re-invigorated, and transformed. Our collaborations are bent on breaking down the mystified consumer/business divide through personal storytelling and intimate interactions. Together, we get up close and personal, and travel behind the scenes to uncover what makes for the most compelling ideas, the most innovate thoughts, and richest biographies.

Meet an art gallery owner, a curator or an artist and discover their world, through their stories and canvases. Allow us to create experiences with creators across art, design and craft to give you the inside line into the world of art through its many lenses in the country.


Coffee Table Book Mumbai

1. AstaGuru will create & design a coffee table book for any DLC art collector who wishes to avail this service (Special rates will be extended for DLC members )
**Cost to be confirmed / book which will include designing + printing cost. Billing will be settled between AstaGuru and the member directly.

Valuation Services Mumbai

1. A flat fee to DLC Members for Valuation services
2. A special reduced rate of 2000/artwork for all DLC members(*TBL in case of travel requirement to be borne by the DLC member – billed on actuals)

AstaGuru Online Auction Mumbai

1. Exclusive Sneak Peek at our catalogue before it goes live on our website
2. Free service for DLC members who wish to avail this benefit
3. Printed copies of the catalogue to the DLC members (Registration Required)

Exclusive DLC Preview Day Mumbai

1. Exclusive preview at the AstaGuru gallery only for the DLC Members.
2. A dedicated time of Client Relations Specialist Team.
3. A specially curated High Tea experience
4. Corporate Collaborations- Co- branding with AstaGuru for all DLC brand partners and member brands.

Tao Art Gallery Mumbai

1.Curated  Studio Visits of Tao Artists for DLC members.

2.Private viewing- Curated capsule collection for DLC members on a particular theme.

3. Wine tasting workshop at Tao Art Gallery for DLC Members.

4.Art x Music- Invitations to live performances and events at the gallery accompanied with wine & art viewing.

5. Access to Artist talks on their process of creation at the gallery and secondary locations.

6. Exclusive walkthroughs by artist/curator on select exhibits.